About Our Clinic

At Enhanced Auditory Resources in Newton, MA our goal is finding a solution that best fits each individual patient’s needs, hearing and communication goals. Through our comprehensive and compassionate approach to hearing health, we strive to provide optimal solutions for all lifestyles and budgets.

About Hearing Loss

New hearing technology can reduce background noise and uses directional microphones to focus on the speaker. Depending on your lifestyle, personality and your specific hearing loss, you might be a candidate for this. Your first step should be to have your hearing evaluated by a trained hearing professional.

Our Services

Complete Hearing Healthcare

At E.A.R. we understand the importance of providing you seamless and integrated hearing healthcare. This means, that from the moment of first contact, we take the time to listen to your concerns and needs and focus on providing you with the exact services you need to reach your hearing and communication goals. We also understand that investing in hearing devices can be uncharted territory for many of our patients. To make the transition as seamless as possible we provide each patient with a Complete Hearing and Healthcare Package which includes:

  • Complimentary Audiometric Evaluations (at initial visit as well as annually thereafter)
  • Customized Consultation and Live Technology Demonstration of the latest hearing and assistive listening device technology
  • Personalized Hearing and Communication Plan
  • Education on Hearing Conservation
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Trial Period
  • Repair and Loss/Damage Warranties
  • Complimentary lifetime hearing device checks/cleanings
  • Consulting Services

Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations

  • One-on-one consultation and education to patient and families
  • Customized training for hearing and assistive listening devices
  • Referrals to appropriate medical providers
  • Free education and resource assistance for healthcare providers and community groups by appointment
  • Personalized hearing-loss prevention education and devices

We value being a part of the local Newton, MA community and believe in treating our patients like family. We know that every person has different needs, and everyone has a unique lifestyle, that is why we are readily available to answer all your questions and to help you on your journey to better hearing health. At E.A.R., we stay in touch with our patients, to provide them with the ongoing support and tools they need to make a smooth and easy transition. Contact us today to make an appointment!

Enhanced Auditory Resources is part of the Hearing Health USA network of healthcare providers, whose patient promise states: “We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of hearing healthcare and to guide each individual through their journey to better hearing.” 

Meet Our Providers

Miranda Flanagan, Au.D., CCC-A

Miranda Flanagan grew up locally in Weymouth, MA and completed her Doctor of Audiology graduate degree at Northeastern University.  She developed a passion for working with hearing impaired individuals while seeing her grandfather’s struggle with hearing loss throughout her childhood, and was eventually able to fit him with his first pair of hearing aids during her residency year at the Boston VA.  She has extensive training in hearing aid selection, fitting, and programming and strives to apply these skills to provide a high-quality standard of care for all her patients.