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Complete Hearing Healthcare

Enhanced Auditory Resources (E.A.R) has been helping individuals improve their quality of life through enhanced hearing and communication in Newton and surrounding areas in Massachusetts for years. At E.A.R., we pride ourselves in the customized and individual service we offer each of our patients to ensure the proper diagnosis and solution for their hearing and communciation challenges.

Please enjoy browsing our website for further information about our dedicated team of professionals, hours of operation, directions as well as a wealth of information and resources for all things related to hearing and communication.

As we know that life can often be unpredictable and hectic, here at E.A.R. we make every effort to make our practice convenient and accessible and will make every effort to work with your personal availabilty and schedule.

Should you have any questions please feel free to call or complete the requested information on the left of the screen. We also invite you to request an appointment with our convenient link and Jenn, our Patient Care Coordinator, with be in touch to reserve your appointment with our hearing care provider, Kristin Kemos, B.S., HIS.

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